Sunday, January 4, 2009

Also... seeking input

I'd love some ideas, input, volunteer contributors, etc...

What this blog is all about.

This year, our family events will be planned and focused around this simple theme:

Why Scatter Sunshine? Because I really love the lyrics to the song. Here they are:

In a world where sorrow

Ever will be known,
Where are found the needy,
And the sad and lone;
How much joy and comfort
You can all bestow,
If you scatter sunshine
Everywhere you go.

Slightest actions often
Meet the sorest needs,
For the world wants daily
Little kindly deeds;
Oh, what care and sorrow
You may help remove,
With your songs and courage,
Sympathy and love.

When the days are gloomy,
Sing some happy song;
Meet the world's repining
With a courage strong;
Go with faith undaunted
Thro' the ills of life;
Scatter smiles and sunshine
O'er its toil and strife.

Scatter sunshine all along your way;
Cheer and bless and brighten
Every passing day;
Scatter sunshine all along your way;
Cheer and bless and brighten
Every passing day!

We are very excited about this and we have already begun. Each family meal, we are sharing little ways we've scattered sunshine. So far, they are all little ones like, "I asked Mayzie if she was okay when she fell off of the sled." And "I let Zane go first." And, "I emptied the dryer without being asked." But I hope to extend this to larger projects that my kids can be involved in on a community level, as well. We really want our family to grow in love, kindness, and service this year, and ulitmately (hopefully) become more selfless and thoughtful.

However, we also want to be inspired by the Scattering of Sunshine done by others. And so, we are launching this blog. One that will be for everyone to share their experiences with Scattering Sunshine. Whether it is the little sacrifice of brother helping sister or a large world changing project, or an inspiring quote,we would like to honor a good action, and inspire others, so please share. So, if you know a good story, please email me, link me up, or submit a comment and I will post it here. 

Can't wait to see what inspiring stories and moments are out there!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you Sister Weber, a complete stranger, who let me have her unused blog name out of the goodness of her heart. I hope we can truly make this a special place that will honor your own Scattering of Sunshine! Thank you!!!!!